We, at Bristol Health, are leader in dietary supplements and nutraceutical products. We lead innovation in the development of nutritional supplements concept become a reality. We offer one of the broadest available portfolios of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, We offer services such as :


We offer whole, flexible, and custom formulation services to fit a range of various product formats as we have an extensive range of ingredients to support needs. It is due to the utilization of a global supply of raw materials. Moreover, all nutraceutical products are made from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) standard ingredients. Subsequently, f each chosen and agreed formulation, a trial will be carried out to determine the optimum processing parameters.

Manufacturing & Production

We, as a vitamin, minerals, and supplements supplier, offer flexible and cutting-edge technology in 
manufacturing and production. With our Manufacturing Capability and the most advanced and latest 
pharmaceutical machinery, we can produce bulk-filled quantities upon request. We engage a holistic approach to support our customers’ needs. As well as, we ensure product excellence and the quality of our health supplements. 

Contract manufacturing and Private Label Services:

we are specialized in private labels. We utilize a number of packaging, capping, and labeling machines for a consistently high-quality finish. All products are packed and labeled according to customer requirements. Labels are produced by our print suppliers, using the latest digital printing technology.  This offers our customers a multitude of options for label finishes such as embossing, foiling and varnishing.

Product Development Services

We reflect preliminary ideas into tangible products. We set forth formulation services, shelf-life testing, and re-formulation if updates to existing products are needed.

R&D Support

We are engaged to develop novel forms, unique solutions and utilising technology at the forefront of cutting edge scientific practice. We are visualizing ourselves as market leaders in the in-depth industry informed and led medicinal research and studies. In order to tailor a custom made solution for specific scientific requirements, we collaborate with customers that involves feasibility studies and into alternative materials. These include the research of other compositions, particle size, suspensions, surface coatings, and different morphologies.


We are proud to be market leaders in high-tech manufacturing and product innovation and the first point of call for many own labels and white label product requirements. Whether you are looking to develop a concept, improve a formulation, or beat a competitor, as market leaders in own label supplement manufacturing, we are equipped to develop your own supplement brand and give you an edge in the marketplace.

Quality Assurance

We operate a comprehensive quality management system to ensure all of our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. We adhere to strict quality, technical and regulatory processes to ensure that the products provided are of the highest standards. At every stage of the manufacturing process, we carefully monitor documents and test our products to make sure that the nutritional profile shown on the label is correct. Moreover, our manufacturing facility is regularly tested for WADA-banned substances to reduce the risk of contamination in our products. Thus, we are proud of the consistent quality and service offered on all of our products to our customers.


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